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Don't miss out on a complete settlement after an accident

After an accident, it can be confusing to know exactly what to do. Unless you are absolutely sure that you did not receive any injuries in the accident, you should seek out medical treatment as a top priority. If you fail to obtain proper medical care, you may suffer injuries that you don't recognize until they worsen to a more serious state.

Still, there are a number of missteps that many people make when dealing with insurance companies that often make the process more difficult. It is vitally important to understand the limitations of your policy's coverage before you make any statements to your insurer. Also, it is crucial to wait to accept any estimates of the value of your losses until you are sure those estimates are fair and accurate. Often, an insurer may try to claim that your losses are less severe than they truly are.

What safety issues are your landlord's responsibility?

Landlords and tenants can often end up at odds over small things -- like whose responsibility it is to keep the sidewalk clear or who has to fix a handrail that's worn loose over time. These issues can particularly crop up if someone ends up injured through a defect on the property.

In California, a landlord has a clear responsibility to make certain that the rental unit is habitable. In other words, anything that would substantially interfere with someone's ability to live in and enjoy the property has to be fixed on the landlord's dime.

The importance of lost income claims

If you are in a car accident, you may lose time at work as you recover and may be on limited duty when you return to work. These circumstances can correlate with lost and lower wages. When you file a claim for damages, you can include an amount for lost wages. It is important to understand basic facts about how that works.

First, you'll need to gather all documents that show how your medical condition was affected by the car accident that you were in. These documents will show why the car accident resulted in you needing to take time off from work or reduce the amount of work that you can do each day.

Key facts about drug recalls

Many people take prescription and over-the-counter medications for an array of ailments. Those people can experience concern when the drug they're taking is the subject of a drug recall.

Drug recalls happen for an array of reasons. Generally speaking, they happen because a particular drug has been found to be defective in some way or potentially harmful. Naturally, in such cases, manufacturers want people to stop taking the drug being recalled in order to protect the people's health and to protect the manufacturer from liability.

Drunk driver responsible for the death of pregnant mom and baby

Most people would agree that parenthood is sacred. When an act of pure negligence robs a family of an expectant mother and an unborn child, it is particularly disturbing. Unfortunately, a young California family is facing this terrible tragedy after a drunk driver caused a pregnant woman's death and then fled the scene.

The CHP (California Highway Patrol) reports that the motor vehicle accident happened at around 6:30 p.m. on Mother's Day in Ramona. The drunk driver's SUV struck the victim's vehicle from behind causing the car to crash into a tree. The young mother and her unborn child perished on the way to the hospital.

Consumer-friendly liability laws don't make cases a breeze

Last spring, a story that may herald the future made headlines across the world. A man in Florida died at the wheel of his Tesla car. He wasn't driving, the autopilot function was. There were reports that he was watching a movie on a tablet at the time. Unfortunately, the vehicle, going highway speed, didn't detect a semitrailer-truck ahead and collided with it.

More recently, a small group of Tesla Motor Inc. customers filed suit against the company in federal court in Southern California. They allege that they unwittingly paid a premium for semi-autonomous driving functionality and become "beta testers of half-baked software" that makes their vehicles dangerous if engaged. Whether the product hazard claim has merit is something the legal process will determine, but many legal observers agree that this case represents only the tip of an iceberg.

Southern California seeing more truck traffic

Large trucks can be a very common sight here in Southern California. And it appears that they have been becoming even more so. A recent 89.3 KPCC article noted that large truck traffic has gone up as the economy has improved.

Now, there are some concerns that come up in connection to a larger presence of big rigs out on Southern California’s roads, including potential safety concerns. For one, it raises questions as to how likely truck accidents are to occur on the region’s roads. Accidents involving big rigs or other large vehicles can be especially severe.

Texting and Driving is Still a Problem

Texting and driving is a dangerous road hazard. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) revealed the loss of 3,477 lives to distracted driving in 2015. While other activities, such as eating and fiddling with your navigation or entertainment system, contribute to these statistics, texting is by far the deadliest.