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On behalf of Frank Nicholas at Frank Nicholas A Law Corporation

When choosing motorcycle helmets and other gear it is important for people to take several things into consideration.

Many people enjoy riding their motorcycles in Irvine but it should be remembered that there is always some level of risk associated with these two-wheeled machines. One way that people can protect themselves from unnecessary injury is to choose the right gear to wear.


According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the only item that motorcyclists wear, and which can save their life, is a helmet. In 2012, it was estimated that the hospital costs were substantially greater for those riders who were not wearing a helmet. This is not surprising since the helmet is designed to protect the rider’s head and when the head is damaged, it can leave people facing untold challenges.

When selecting a helmet, people should look for a label that indicates the helmet meets the standards set by the U.S. Department of Transportation. Ultimate MotorCycling magazine states that helmets must be tested for retention (the ability to stay strapped and in the right position on the head), impact absorption, slippage of the chin strap and penetration. To make sure that manufacturers marking their helmets with the label are in compliance, the government has established that for every helmet which is not compliant, the manufacturer could pay up to $5,000.


Motorcycle boots are not just meant to be stylish but also to protect riders from unnecessary injury. Motorcycle Central, a site for motorcycle enthusiasts, states that people should consider getting boots with venting to protect their feet from excessive heat during the summer as well as waterproofing for wetter climates. Street riding boots often have soles that are slip resistant, shin padding, cushions to pad the ankles from harm and shifter pads, and it is wise to get boots that are higher than the ankle. The fit is important too, since people will be wearing them for long periods of time.

Jackets and pants

The choices of jackets and pants for motorcycle riders are endless but it is best for people to do their research into the types of materials that are available. Most motorcycle experts recommend real leather clothing over imitation leather due to its protective qualities. This can reduce the damage caused if riders slide over road surfaces or are dragged. Likewise, it is important to take into consideration the weather conditions. If riders are not really into the leather biker look, some recommend jackets made from a high quality textile material.


Gloves play an important part in helping riders keep control of their motorcycle. They should be comfortable to wear but allow riders to be able to grip the handles of the bike or perform other tasks. The interior should be chosen with weather conditions in mind so that riders’ hands remain cool and dry.

While motorcyclists in California can do a lot to protect themselves from injury by purchasing and using the right kind of gear, a reckless driver can still cause them serious damage. Therefore, they may find it beneficial to seek legal representation.

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