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Proving reckless driving in California

We all have the responsibility to act with other people's safety in mind, no matter what we are doing. But when we are operating a moving vehicle such as a car or a truck, acting safely becomes even more important. When a crash occurs on the road, there are many reasons why it may have happened. It could have been caused by external, unavoidable circumstances, such as bad weather or a fallen tree. However, very often an accident is found to be the fault of a driver or of multiple drivers involved.

Proving fault must be done systematically, and in order for a person to be at fault, it must be shown that they acted negligently, recklessly, or with the intent to cause harm.

Freeway traffic jams present the potential for car crashes

If you live in Southern California, you must often use freeways to get from Point A to Point B. Two of our freeways—the 405 and the 101—are among the “top 10 traffic jam locations” in the country.

A freeway traffic jam is a source of tremendous frustration and one of the reasons some people engage in reckless driving, raising the potential for car crashes.

The most common reasons why trucks crash

When a motor vehicle crash involves a truck, the chances are that the consequences will be very serious. Truck drivers are not always to blame for the lead up to a truck crash; however, the actions that they take in response to other drivers can be vital in determining whether a collision will occur.

If you are a truck driver, it is important to be aware of the most common reasons why trucks get involved in collisions. There have been a significant amount of scientific studies highlighting and examining fault as well as unsafe driving acts.

Taking action after an injury in a California bar

There are many factors that could cause accidents or injuries on another person's or company's premises. Establishing whom is to blame when a person gets hurt can be challenging. This is especially true in places like bars and nightclubs where the influence of alcohol is often added into the mix.

However, owners of bars and nightclubs in the state of California have the legal responsibility to make sure that no person under the influence of alcohol poses a threat to themselves or others on their premises. Therefore, they have the duty to refuse service to a person who is too drunk.

Common medical errors in California

When a person seeks medical care in the form of an operation, there are many complications that have the potential to arise, from issues with administering anesthesia, to wrong site surgeries to infection-causing errors. However, it is always the legal duty of the medical practitioners involved to ensure the safety of patients and to stop errors occurring.

If you believe that you or a loved one was not treated with the adequate care when going through an operation, you may think that a doctor or hospital is responsible for the damages that resulted. The following are some of the most common types of medical errors that can result in claims made against the medical practitioner or hospital responsible.

Your rights as a consumer with a defected vehicle

Sometimes, test driving a vehicle and viewing it in a shiny showroom can make a car seem irresistible. Many people spend a large portion of their hard-earned cash on their car, so when a defect becomes apparent a few months or years after the purchase, it can be both upsetting and concerning, because the defect may present a danger to all people in the car.

Defects can occur in any part of the vehicle, from the body and frame, the temperature control and cooling system, to the exhaust system and braking system. Some defects are more serious than others, though all represent a failing of the company that manufactured and sold it.

Are you really more likely to be in a crash close to home?

In the past few years, you may have heard about a lot of research indicating that most car crashes occur when you are close to home compared with when you are out on long road trips. Is there any truth to this?

Yes, actually, there is, and it is an interesting phenomenon.

The difference between first and third party accident claims

If you have suffered an injury as the result of being involved in a serious car accident, you will have suffered damages in several ways. The financial damages such as the damage to your vehicle, the medical bills that you will have to pay and the lost wages that you will likely suffer are just the beginning. It is likely that you have also been through a great deal of pain, stress and suffering, and these emotional damages should be classed as damages just like any other.

The best time to start thinking about making an insurance claim for damages is after you have made a full recovery from your injuries. When filing your insurance claim, you may be confused as to the difference between first and third party claims. It is important therefore to take the time to learn about the difference between the two.

Claiming damages after a CrossFit injury

Any time that you challenge yourself in the gym, you are putting your body at some risk of injury. In general, when you are taking the right precautions and you are being advised by responsible fitness professionals, this chance of injury is very small.

CrossFit gyms have become increasingly popular across the country in recent years, and they have grown notably in California. While they promote functional fitness that has been proven to increase physical condition, there have also been many injuries associated with the program, and there are risks involved.

The causes of truck accidents in California

Truck accidents are very common in Irvine, California. The congestion on the roads doesn't reduce the number of accidents. It just seems to make matters worse. Trucks are large, carry heavy loads and travel at high rates of speed in all types of conditions. Today, we will take a look at the causes of truck accidents in California.

One of the biggest causes of truck accidents is the error by the driver. Truck drivers are prone to drowsy driving, drunk driving, distracted driving and plenty of other mistakes that can lead to accidents. Other driver errors include not making appropriate turns, not understanding the load in the truck, driving too fast and not adjusting driving habits for the road conditions.