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Premises liability generally stops at the property line

From 'wet floor' signs to road closures, people in California often feel like others are controlling their every move. But warnings and closings are generally there to protect people and fulfill the social duty to prevent others from harm. These obligations under the law, however, have limits.

Where do a person's or organization's responsibilities end?

Rains are a factor in a fatal Los Angeles County crash

California may not be famous for cold winter weather with snow and ice on the roads. But winter does bring seasonal changes to the Golden State, and many coastal areas experience rain, fog and even hail between October and April.

Although California's winter weather is not considered an acute danger for drivers, any precipitation can cause slippery road surfaces and both rain and fog reduce visibility. Drivers must take extra care and often slow down, especially on the tight curves of the Pacific Coast Highway and the crowded streets in built-up areas around Los Angeles and San Francisco.

How vehicle crashes keep happening on the 405 freeway

There are many freeways in California, but the 405, or San Diego Freeway, is as busy as you will find anywhere in the state.

Given the sheer volume of traffic, it should be no surprise that vehicle crashes keep happening on the 405 and that driving on this freeway is not for the faint of heart.

Do I have a case for personal injury damages?

We've all been hurt in accidents, even if the results are minor. But the emotional and financial consequences of injuries caused by others can be far harder to deal with and resolve. Some of the most serious injuries may even warrant a lawsuit for financial compensation.

How does a civil lawsuit start?

Asbestos lawsuits continue in California

Products available to the American public involve a certain amount of public trust. Companies must provide reasonably safe products that are marketed for safe purposes. When companies fail to provide these products to customers, victims of deception or manufacturing errors may have no option beyond a lawsuit to claim financial damages.

Lawsuits involving asbestos have become the most expensive and long-running range of torts, or actions seeking financial damages, in United States history. Although the crystalline fiber is no longer used in construction and manufacturing under U.S. law, the lawsuits keep coming as a major manufacturer of toiletries may have knowingly included the substance in talcum powder and marketed it as a hygiene product for women and children.

Death in San Jose truck crash may have been due to sleepiness

Transportation is not an easy industry. The nonstop lifestyle of trucking, flying or piloting goods and people can take a toll on the truckers, aviators and ship crews of California and elsewhere. This is why every type of transport, as well as their operators, have strict guidelines when it comes to safety.

Truck accidents are a daily part of life in the Golden State for many reasons. Cars collide with trucks while changing lanes or trying to sneak in a turn on a yellow light. Weather conditions can increase stopping distances and cause truckers to lose control of big rigs. One of the leading causes of solo truck accidents is a lack of awareness of the road due to distraction or sleep.

Speeding is high on the list of traffic fatality causes

According to statistics from the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, 10 percent of the car crash fatalities reported in the U.S. in 2016 occurred in California.

Speeding accounted for more than 27 percent of the highway fatalities that year, and the NHTSA study shows Southern California is the most dangerous part of the state for drivers.

When are people responsible for other people's injuries?

If someone is looking for news stories about injuries or deaths in California, he or she would notice that nearly all of them include the word "accident." Most injuries happen by accident, and it's easy to feel down on ourselves if we caused our own problems. But there are few problems harder to deal with than the ones visited on us by other people's mistakes.

What actions are people responsible for under California law?

What should you know about California car accident insurance?

If you have been injured in a car accident in the state of California, it is likely that you will want to make an insurance claim in order to recoup damages. Understanding what you are entitled to can be difficult to do. This is why it is important that you understand how accident laws work in the state of California.

There are many aspects of the law that you should pay attention to regarding car accident claims. Limits on damages as well as time limits on making claims are crucial details that have the potential to make or break a claim.

New California law requires ignition interlock devices

It's a new year in California, and that is bringing some new laws. After another year including stories of people injured or killed on the road, one law is trying to make it harder for some drivers who have shown some lack of responsibility.

Sacramento began enforcing a new law in 2019 that changes driving for people who have been arrested for and convicted of driving under the influence of alcohol. New technology combines a Breathalyzer, a device for detecting alcohol on a person's breath, with a governor for a car's ignition, so drivers must pass an automated breath test before using the vehicle.