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Suit claims software developer was liable for criminal activities

It is common knowledge that people can be hurt by other people's actions. Civil courts in California are full of cases brought by victims of injuries on the road, in public places or even on badly maintained sidewalks. Beyond premises liability or personal injury, companies can be held liable for the negative effects of their products.

California is the first state to legislate the safety of internet-connected products, recognizing the risks involved in the use of the world's information superhighway. A lawsuit alleges that a software company based in San Francisco supported a website that may have provided a marketplace for trafficking of minors.

Truck hits car before crashing into bar

From truckers in a rush to motorcyclists splitting lanes, there are plenty of hazards on California roads. The risks are also posed to pedestrians and bicyclists, and people without the protection of a vehicle can suffer serious injury or even death in a collision. However, no one expects to be hit by a truck while indoors.

Police say a 19-year-old man crashed his pickup truck into a parked vehicle occupied by two adults and two children before crashing through the wall of a bar in Highland, which is in San Bernardino County. The incident occurred shortly after midnight on March 20.

When is someone else responsible for someone's injuries?

If someone feels the need to sue for premises liability, it is usually not because a person or organization did something. It is more often because someone failed to do something that was expected of them by managers, owners, the government or the general public. The legal basis for suing in these cases is negligence.

What is the legal definition of negligence?

Parents critically injured in Los Angeles accident

Although a lot of people use mass transit to get around the City of Angels, most of southern California is famous for the importance of cars. So many people use personal motor vehicles to get around Los Angeles that traffic jams are more the norm than clear lanes.

As a result, the metropolitan area also has more than the national average of car accidents for many places of similar size. Aggravated driving, distractions like cellphones and general overcrowding can lead to disastrous accidents that can cost victims money or even a life.

Getting in a crash may cause serious damage to your brain

With the rash of motor vehicle accidents around Orange County, brain injuries continue to rise. Over half of all traumatic brain injuries occur due to car accidents with the most common variation a concussion.

If you get into a crash, you may want to take the necessary precaution and have your head checked. Signs of a traumatic brain injury may not show until it is already critical. Recognizing these signs may mean the difference between life and death.

How does personal injury law help Californians?

People get hurt all the time in California. There are plenty of reasons, from some sharp rocks under the surf off Santa Barbara to an uneven sidewalk in Riverside. Bumps and bruises don't get much thought unless a person cannot simply "walk it off." The injuries that require the most attention outside medical care are the ones caused by others.

How can a person make it right after being injured by another person's actions?

Weed killer lawsuit claims manufacturer knew of dangers

Commerce in the United States has always relied on a certain trust between manufacturers of goods, the businesses that sell them and the people who use them. If a maker or seller has engaged in fraud or other deception over the quality or use of their products, they may be legally liable for any damage or injury caused by those items.

Glyphosate, a popular weed killer, has been on the American market for decades now. Many farmers and gardeners swear by the chemical's ability to eliminate unwanted plants between crops and flowers. The attitude changed slightly six months ago when a groundskeeper became the first to win a lawsuit alleging that glyphosate causes cancer in humans.

Truck driver suspected of DUI in Santa Barbara crash

Truck transportation makes a lot of products and prices possible, especially inland from the busy shipping lanes off the coast of California. But the number of large vehicles, which feature longer stopping distances and less maneuverability, on the roads and highways can contribute to serious accidents, resulting in severe injury or even death.

One factor is road safety that is always negative is driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol (DUI). The loss of good judgment and reaction time that comes with intoxication is never acceptable and often leads to some of the worst accidents which could have been avoided in the simplest ways.

Premises liability generally stops at the property line

From 'wet floor' signs to road closures, people in California often feel like others are controlling their every move. But warnings and closings are generally there to protect people and fulfill the social duty to prevent others from harm. These obligations under the law, however, have limits.

Where do a person's or organization's responsibilities end?

Rains are a factor in a fatal Los Angeles County crash

California may not be famous for cold winter weather with snow and ice on the roads. But winter does bring seasonal changes to the Golden State, and many coastal areas experience rain, fog and even hail between October and April.

Although California's winter weather is not considered an acute danger for drivers, any precipitation can cause slippery road surfaces and both rain and fog reduce visibility. Drivers must take extra care and often slow down, especially on the tight curves of the Pacific Coast Highway and the crowded streets in built-up areas around Los Angeles and San Francisco.