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The importance of lost income claims

If you are in a car accident, you may lose time at work as you recover and may be on limited duty when you return to work. These circumstances can correlate with lost and lower wages. When you file a claim for damages, you can include an amount for lost wages. It is important to understand basic facts about how that works.

Drunk driver responsible for the death of pregnant mom and baby

Most people would agree that parenthood is sacred. When an act of pure negligence robs a family of an expectant mother and an unborn child, it is particularly disturbing. Unfortunately, a young California family is facing this terrible tragedy after a drunk driver caused a pregnant woman's death and then fled the scene.

Consumer-friendly liability laws don't make cases a breeze

Last spring, a story that may herald the future made headlines across the world. A man in Florida died at the wheel of his Tesla car. He wasn't driving, the autopilot function was. There were reports that he was watching a movie on a tablet at the time. Unfortunately, the vehicle, going highway speed, didn't detect a semitrailer-truck ahead and collided with it.