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Southern California seeing more truck traffic

Large trucks can be a very common sight here in Southern California. And it appears that they have been becoming even more so. A recent 89.3 KPCC article noted that large truck traffic has gone up as the economy has improved.

Now, there are some concerns that come up in connection to a larger presence of big rigs out on Southern California’s roads, including potential safety concerns. For one, it raises questions as to how likely truck accidents are to occur on the region’s roads. Accidents involving big rigs or other large vehicles can be especially severe.

When a catastrophic truck accident occurs, the accident’s victims may have many questions related to compensation rights and other legal issues regarding the crash. Having solid guidance and advice can be crucial when navigating truck-crash-related legal matters. So, promptly speaking with a skilled truck accident attorney can be a key step following getting hurt in a big rig accident.

Data indicates that, in recent years, truck crashes have been going up in both number and in their percentage of motor vehicle accidents overall in California. What highways in Southern California have been seeing the most such accidents? According to statistics covering 2010 to 2014 for a five-county area, Interstate 5 had the highest truck crash total of the area’s highways, with Interstate 10 coming in second and Interstate 60 coming in third. This five-county area included Orange, Los Angeles, Ventura, San Bernardino and Riverside counties.

A variety of things can contribute to the truck crash likelihood in a region. So, a lot of different things could impact how safe Southern California’s roads are in the midst of increased truck traffic.

What would you like to see done in Southern California to help with reducing truck accidents? What do you think are currently the biggest truck-safety-related issues in the region?