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Accidents can be more serious for older motorcyclists

On a warm, sunny weekend afternoon in Southern California, it is not unusual to see a group of senior motorcyclists out for a ride on the open road. These folks have had a love affair with Harleys, Triumphs, Indians and the like since they were in their teens.

Don't miss out on a complete settlement after an accident

After an accident, it can be confusing to know exactly what to do. Unless you are absolutely sure that you did not receive any injuries in the accident, you should seek out medical treatment as a top priority. If you fail to obtain proper medical care, you may suffer injuries that you don't recognize until they worsen to a more serious state.

What safety issues are your landlord's responsibility?

Landlords and tenants can often end up at odds over small things -- like whose responsibility it is to keep the sidewalk clear or who has to fix a handrail that's worn loose over time. These issues can particularly crop up if someone ends up injured through a defect on the property.