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Don’t miss out on a complete settlement after an accident

After an accident, it can be confusing to know exactly what to do. Unless you are absolutely sure that you did not receive any injuries in the accident, you should seek out medical treatment as a top priority. If you fail to obtain proper medical care, you may suffer injuries that you don’t recognize until they worsen to a more serious state.

Still, there are a number of missteps that many people make when dealing with insurance companies that often make the process more difficult. It is vitally important to understand the limitations of your policy’s coverage before you make any statements to your insurer. Also, it is crucial to wait to accept any estimates of the value of your losses until you are sure those estimates are fair and accurate. Often, an insurer may try to claim that your losses are less severe than they truly are.

Many insurers may try to get you to sign a waiver as a part of the settlement process. It is never wise to sign any waiver until you fully understand the terms of the waiver and how it affects you. Similarly, you should always remember that your insurer is in a contractual obligation with you, so if they attempt to get out of holding up their end of the agreement, you can firmly insist that they fulfill their obligations.

It’s almost always wise to enlist the representation of an attorney if you have any concerns about the fairness of your insurance settlement. In many cases, the mere presence of an attorney sends a strong message to insurers that you are not going to accept less than you deserve, and they suddenly become much more helpful.