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Intersection has a long history of safety problems

Recently, a 71-year-old woman was struck by a truck when crossing the street at an intersection with a long history of safety problems.

According to her friends, the woman was aware of the issues associated with the intersection at Civic Center Drive and Lacy Street as she was always telling others to be careful.

Adding to this, a crossing guard who just started working the intersection had this to say: “If there was a (pedestrian crossing) button, maybe it would calm down a bit, but drivers don’t respect the crosswalk. They pass very fast here.”

According to the Santa Ana Police Department, the investigation into the accident is ongoing. However, at this point, it appears that the driver failed to yield, which could lead to charges of vehicular manslaughter. Furthermore, the 37-year-old driver did not have a license.

This accident has many people hoping for the implementation of new safety measures at the intersection. The principal of a nearby school noted that drivers often exceed the speed limit in the area by more than 25 mph.

The city’s Vision Zero Plan does call for future changes in the area, such as the addition of curb extensions, a crosswalk and a roundabout, but it will take time for these to be completed.

Even when a pedestrian is extremely cautious about crossing a street, there is no guarantee that drivers in the area are taking the same approach. It only takes one mistake by one driver to seriously injure or kill a pedestrian.

In some cases, the person driving the vehicle can be held responsible for the injuries or death, thus putting the victim in position to receive compensation.

Source: The Orange County Register, “Santa Ana intersection where 71-year-old woman was fatally struck has a history of safety problems,” Jessica Kwong, June 20, 2017