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Don’t let adrenaline fool you after a car crash

You never know how you will feel during and after a car crash until you are actually in this position. Here's something you need to know: Your body will be full of adrenaline, which makes it difficult for you to understand how you truly feel.

Things to consider after a car accident

One of the most traumatic events you may ever have to deal with in California is a car accident. Whether or not you are a victim or an immediate family member to someone who is, the consequences are often challenging to endure for everyone affected. 

Torrance woman's family claims 'death by bureaucracy' in lawsuit

A Torrance woman's family has filed a lawsuit against two hospitals for her wrongful death. They accuse both LA HealthCare and California Health Net of having engaged in unnecessary bureaucratic wrangling over who was going to foot the bill for her out-of-network liver transplant. Her family alleges that four months worth of stalling ultimately resulted in the 53-year-old woman dying of liver cirrhosis in November of 2015.