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4 tips for driving in Southern California holiday traffic

Southern California is already notorious for heavy traffic, and it gets even worse during the holiday season. Getting stuck in a traffic jam can be incredibly frustrating, especially when you are going somewhere important, such as work or a holiday party. Traffic can also be dangerous and result in an accident.

So, how can you stay safe while you are driving on the 405 or 55 this holiday season? Read below for the best tips on navigating busy roads during the holidays.

1. Plan your route

If you are going somewhere even slightly unfamiliar, make sure you map out your route beforehand. Even on familiar routes, you should check the traffic on your smartphone maps app. You should also check whether it is raining. Research alternative routes with less traffic that you can take instead.  

2. Maintain space between cars

Keeping your distance is smart whenever you are in traffic, but especially if it is raining. Leaving a buffer zone will give you extra time to react if anyone drives erratically or brakes suddenly in front of you. But, according to Total News Wire traffic driving tips, you cannot control how much space the driver behind you leaves, so you could end up in a rear-end collision.

3. Take a break

It is a good idea to take a breather every two hours. You know how easily a drive to San Diego can be much longer. Stopping at a gas station or convenience store for some caffeine or a snack can help you stay alert and keep your cool after driving in a traffic jam. 

4. Use your situational awareness

Always watch for changes in the behaviors of other drivers, keep track of blind spots and watch for road signs indicating any construction zones or detours. This will help you respond to anything unexpected. 

Before starting out on the roads during the holiday season, make sure you follow these four tips.