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2 things you should not procrastinate on after a car accident

It is not easy to know what to think, say and do after a car accident in Irvine. Once you find yourself in one, your first few thoughts are not necessarily going to be clear. In fact, you may not remember much because you are experiencing shock, and adrenaline is pumping throughout your veins. 

Once those effects start to wear off, you realize that you are fortunate to be alive and feel fine. You may even find yourself thinking more about how you are going to handle the situation, and still make it to work and pick up your kids after school. Not once does the possibility of your being injured cross your mind. Here are two things you should not procrastinate on after a motor vehicle crash

1. Dealing with the insurance company 

You may not feel like dealing with anything regarding your situation. Because of the accident, you may no longer have access to a vehicle to drive until you talk to your insurance company. As much as you want to put off this task, the sooner you get it out of the way, the better. You might find it more beneficial to have an attorney discuss your situation with the company. That way you do not have to worry about accidentally saying something that hurts your car accident claim

2. Getting medical treatment 

If you did not get medical attention after your car accident, there is a chance you have injuries that are not obvious. Sometimes people feel fine after collisions, only to end up battling for their lives in the days and weeks later because of missed injuries such as brain or spinal cord damage that they did not know they had. You may not feel like going to the doctor to get checked out, but procrastinating on this can cause any hidden injuries you have to become worse or lead to your death. 

Car accidents happen so quickly that the harm they cause is not always easy to deal with. If you find you are experiencing trouble dealing with the aftermath, speak with an attorney to learn options.