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Dangerous potty training accident results in lawsuit

A Riverside, California, family has filed a lawsuit against Target as the result of a dangerous potty training accident.

According to the family, their 3-year-old son’s penis was injured when using the Prince Lionheart Inc. “WeePOD Basix” potty trainer.

Both the child’s parents and his grandparents are suing Target after his penis was almost torn off after becoming stuck in the polypropylene potty training device, which they purchased from the retail giant.

After the accident, the family rushed the young child to a local hospital where doctors had no choice but to glue his penis back on.

At this time, Target is reviewing the claim, with a spokeswoman noting the following:

“We take product safety incredibly seriously, are committed to providing safe products to our guests and require our vendors to follow all product safety laws and CPSC guidelines for the products they sell at Target.”

The lawsuit alleges both negligence and product liability as the result of a defective design.

Furthermore, it appears that the product is known to have problems. For example, many parents have taken to the Target website to complain about severe rashes caused by the device.

At this time, the boy’s family and medical team are unsure of his long-term prognosis, such as whether or not his penis will be able to function normally in the future.

These types of stories show just how dangerous it can be for a defective product to make its way to market. When this happens, innocent people, including children, are put in a position where they can be seriously injured or even killed.

Source: The Press-Enterprise, “Gruesome potty training accident almost dismembers toddler: Target sued,” Suzanne Hurt, Dec. 09, 2017