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Stay safe on the road this holiday season

This holiday season, many brick and mortar merchants are pushing back hard against the rise of online shopping. At the same time, millions of Americans went absolutely bananas (pardon the technical term) over the recent Thanksgiving weekend and subsequent Cyber Monday, spending nearly $11 billion over a span of less than a week.

While this may be good news for the economy in general, and probably implies more than a few overjoyed kids tearing open presents that parents or loved ones spent lots of time wrapping, it does raise some related concerns.

The vast majority of these purchases are physical items, whether they were made during a Black Friday stampede or from the comfort of a couch, and the heightened shopping season is far from over. This means that, throughout the month of December, significantly greater number of commercial trucks are crowding the highways, rushing to keep items in stock for brick and mortar stores, as well as delivering online orders of physical items.

This inevitably leads to some increase in the likelihood of very serous accidents involving commercial vehicles and consumer drivers. Before you rush out the door to catch a sale, remind yourself to remain wary of these extra large vehicles crowding the roadways.

While it is good to let yourself enjoy the fun of the holiday season, remaining safe is the greatest gift you can give the people you love this year. If you do experience a car accident this season, be sure to reach out to an experienced attorney to discuss your rights and your options for pursuing fair compensation for your injuries and other losses.

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