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3 reasons why teens end up in car accidents

If you have a teenager in Irvine who is getting her or his driver’s license soon, you might be feeling a little relief. Teenagers can drive themselves around, run errands for you and keep you from spending so much of your time on the roads. Though you are excited about the idea of your teen being in the driver’s seat, there is a dark side about teen motorists that you should know about. 

Teens are the most vulnerable group of drivers on the roads. They are more likely to die in motor vehicle crashes than any other type of accident. To better understand why the teenage motor vehicle fatality rate is high, review the following risk factors: 


Not all driving skills can be taught in the classroom or learned after a spending a few hours on the roads. That is not enough time for teens to learn how to recognize and respond to dangerous situations that may arise. Much practical driving experience is gained through trial and error. During the first few months of receiving their licenses, teens tend to make many mistakes that lead to car accidents, injuries and fatalities. 


Distractions are a leading cause of fatality for all motorist groups, not just teens. However, adolescent motorists are also more likely to drive while using distractions. The distractions can be visual, mental or physical, and can further reduce the amount of time teenagers have to recognize and respond to dangerous conditions. 

Reckless actions 

Many teen drivers mimic what they see their parents and mentors do and things they see on television and in movies. They become overconfident in their driving abilities and think it is normal and safe for them to use some of those same bad driving behaviors, such as speeding, running red lights, not wearing seat belts and ignoring traffic rules, not realizing their inexperience and the risks make them prime candidates for motor vehicle accidents

Regardless of how safe a driver you believe your teen is, encourage him or her to use proper driving behaviors at all times. Stress the importance of following all traffic rules and avoiding distractions to help your son or daughter stay safe and avoid accidents.