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Commonly misdiagnosed medical conditions

No matter who you are, where you live or what type of health problem you’re having, it’s important to take immediate action when you realize something is wrong with the way you feel.

The best thing you can do is consult with an experienced doctor. After all, he or she has the education that will help to pinpoint the source of your concern and provide a solution.

Unfortunately, you can’t always rely on your medical team to do the right thing. Just the same as other professionals, medical workers often make mistakes. One of the biggest mistakes is the misdiagnosis of a serious condition.

Here are several commonly misdiagnosed conditions:

  • Heart attack. Despite the many signs of a heart attack, this serious condition can still be misdiagnosed.
  • Cancer. Some types of cancer are more likely to be overlooked, such as breast, lung and colorectal cancers.
  • Stroke. A late stroke diagnosis can lead to a variety of additional health concerns, not to mention death.

At our law firm, we know that most medical professionals do whatever they can to provide accurate diagnosis services and appropriate care. We also know that this doesn’t always happen for one reason or the next. Instead, there are times when a patient is misdiagnosed, thus putting them in a worse position in regard to their health.

While you need to focus on your well being, you should also learn more about your legal rights. A misdiagnosis is a big deal. Failing to hold your doctor accountable for this mistake could endanger others, while costing you money and quality of life. Once you better understand your situation and rights, you can decide what to do next.