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Landlords’ liability for swimming pools

In the state of California, many apartment complexes and single-family rental homes have swimming pools. With the mild winter weather of Southern California and the fast- approaching spring and summer months, it’s certain that tenants will spend lots of time in and around the pool.

A landlord renting a home or apartment with a swimming pool must realize the potential for serious injury or death. While this isn’t likely to happen, many children and adults suffer swimming pool-related injuries every year.

For example, it’s the job of the landlord to rectify any known issues as quickly as possible, like broken surface materials that could cause a fall.

Here are some of the things that can make a landlord responsible for an accident:

  • The accident was foreseeable and preventable
  • Repairs were not made in a timely manner
  • The accident is a direct result of the landlord’s failure to repair the problem

A swimming pool can make any home or apartment complex much more enjoyable for the residents. Unfortunately, they are liabilities as well, which means the landlord needs to be extremely careful about upkeep and maintenance.

Even if you have been using a particular pool for many years, you never know when safety lapses could cause a tragic accident on the premises.

If you suffer an injury at a pool, make sure that you report the incident to the landlord. Along with this, you should seek immediate medical attention for your injuries.

As you learn more about what went wrong and the recovery process associated with your injuries, you can also turn your attention to your legal rights for seeking compensation from the negligent party.

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