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California motor vehicle accident law

We all know that driving carries with it a multitude of risks, and although we may hear about car crashes all the time, we don’t usually think much about it happening to us, until it does. When you have been affected by a car accident in California, you might be confused about the first steps you should take in order to protect yourself.

It’s important that you understand the type of insurance you are a holder of in California, and that you know how to properly file a claim. You may expect your insurance company to do all of the ground work; however, you may find that in some situations, you have to be persistent.

How do I go about filing an insurance claim in California?

Generally, your insurance company should contact you after the incident has taken place and request more information. When they contact you, they may ask you for additional information or a statement about the incident. It is important that you never admit fault, no matter the situation. This is because you do not have an objective view of the situation, and even if you believe that the accident was your fault, it is likely that this is simply not the case. Your insurance company must carry out an impartial investigation in order to establish the true fault.

If you have not been contacted by your insurance company within 15 days of reporting the accident, or if you have trouble getting in touch with your insurance company, you should contact the Department of Insurance. It is important that you take action as soon as possible after your California car accident.

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