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Man sues Uber after losing his legs in an accident

A man in California was involved in a traffic accident that cost him both of his legs, and he is now suing Uber, the ride-sharing company he had been using.

Per the lawsuit, the man had called an Uber driver, who showed up in a Jeep. That driver then took the man out to the Santa Ana I-5 freeway. Unfortunately, the vehicle then ran out of gas.

The driver tried to get off of the freeway, but he was just coasting and could not quite make it. The Jeep was still on the traffic lanes when it stopped. The two men hopped out and started to push the vehicle, thinking they could move it all the way onto the shoulder and out of traffic.

Unfortunately, before they could do so, another vehicle went out of control and hit the passenger while he was pushing. His legs were crushed so badly in the impact that doctors had no choice but to amputate them.

In the lawsuit, the man says that the Uber driver was “unfit to operate” his own vehicle. It claims that this directly put the passenger in harm’s way, leading to the accident and costing him his legs.

It is worth noting that the man is also suing the driver who lost control and hit him. It is unclear from reports exactly what caused that second driver to lose control or if he could have avoided the accident otherwise.

Serious injuries can change the course of a person’s life in mere seconds. When this happens, it is important for those who are injured to know all of the legal options they have.

Source: Los Alamitos Patch, “Amputee Sues Uber, Driver, For Collision That Cost His Legs,” Ashley Ludwig, April 10, 2018