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The causes of truck accidents in California

Truck accidents are very common in Irvine, California. The congestion on the roads doesn't reduce the number of accidents. It just seems to make matters worse. Trucks are large, carry heavy loads and travel at high rates of speed in all types of conditions. Today, we will take a look at the causes of truck accidents in California.

You can receive serious burns in a car crash

’Tis the season for California dreaming: the beaches, the surfing, the amusement parks – the traffic! As more and more tourists flood onto our roads, highways and freeways in their RVs and campers, however, the more chance you have that one of these vehicles will strike yours. The results could prove catastrophic, especially if you suffer burns. Sadly, 3,275 Americans died in 2016 as the result of burns sustained in a vehicle.

Why do psychiatrists fail to properly diagnose patients?

When patients aren't feeling well, one of the first steps to them to them getting better is to receive the appropriate diagnosis for their condition. If they receive the wrong one, then it opens them up to suffering for an extended period of time without relief.

An alleged drunk Santa Ana man strikes, kills an Irvine mother

A 37-year-old Santa Ana man was arrested on suspicion of driving drunk on May 16 after he crashed into a family as they walked down a sidewalk in Irvine. The Orange County District Attorney's Office later tacked on a murder charge after the mother, who'd been walking alongside her husband and kids, died from the injuries she suffered in the crash.