Right after you’re involved in a car crash, you may experience a multitude of emotions. One of perhaps the most noticeable is a sense of shock.

While you’re in this state, you may not be able to clearly identify what just happened or whether you’re experiencing pain. It’s likely that you’re instead confused or otherwise unable to think clearly.

We’ve all likely heard that after summoning police to a crash scene and, if necessary, medical help, that it’s important to report the accident to our auto insurance company.

It’s commonplace for many of us to want to do that as soon as we get home after a crash or first thing the next morning. It’s better if we collect our thoughts before doing so though.

One of the reasons it’s important for us to do this is because the minute we call, it’s likely that the insurance company is going to ask a lot of probing questions. When answering them, it’s important for you to stick to the facts. If you’re asked a question that you don’t readily have an answer to, then you may want to provide estimates instead of concrete details.

You should never admit fault, even if you believe that you’re responsible for the crash. One of the primary reasons that you shouldn’t do this is because very rarely are collisions caused by a single driver. The other motorist often also shoulders the blame for the crash even if it’s as little as 10 percent of it.

Part of the post-collision process is for law enforcement to assess the crash scene and to document what occurred. In some jurisdictions, they’re even responsible for assigning fault. It’s important to let them do their job in determining who’s to blame for a crash. By them doing so, it may produce different results from what you might have expected.

It’s also important that you don’t agree to have your first call to your insurance company to report the crash recorded if you’re given the option. Instead, you may benefit from first discussing your rights with an Irvine attorney, especially if you suffered serious injuries as a result of your involvement in it.

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