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Common medical errors in California

When a person seeks medical care in the form of an operation, there are many complications that have the potential to arise, from issues with administering anesthesia, to wrong site surgeries to infection-causing errors. However, it is always the legal duty of the medical practitioners involved to ensure the safety of patients and to stop errors occurring.

Your rights as a consumer with a defected vehicle

Sometimes, test driving a vehicle and viewing it in a shiny showroom can make a car seem irresistible. Many people spend a large portion of their hard-earned cash on their car, so when a defect becomes apparent a few months or years after the purchase, it can be both upsetting and concerning, because the defect may present a danger to all people in the car.

The difference between first and third party accident claims

If you have suffered an injury as the result of being involved in a serious car accident, you will have suffered damages in several ways. The financial damages such as the damage to your vehicle, the medical bills that you will have to pay and the lost wages that you will likely suffer are just the beginning. It is likely that you have also been through a great deal of pain, stress and suffering, and these emotional damages should be classed as damages just like any other.