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Claiming damages after a CrossFit injury

Any time that you challenge yourself in the gym, you are putting your body at some risk of injury. In general, when you are taking the right precautions and you are being advised by responsible fitness professionals, this chance of injury is very small.

CrossFit gyms have become increasingly popular across the country in recent years, and they have grown notably in California. While they promote functional fitness that has been proven to increase physical condition, there have also been many injuries associated with the program, and there are risks involved.

When is a CrossFit gym liable for your injuries?

All gyms have the legal responsibility to do what they can in order to keep their visitors safe. This means that they must make sure that the floor is free from abandoned weights, spillages and broken glass from gym mirrors.

If a CrossFit instructor gives you instructions to perform an exercise that you believe may be risky for your body, it is always best to listen to your own judgment, and you should never perform an exercise that you are not comfortable with. However, if you do become injured after following an instructor’s advice, you may be able to pursue a claim for damages.

Gym injuries can be very costly, and can mean significant medical bills as well as lost wages due to needing to take unpaid leave in order to recover. Therefore, it is important that you consider whether your CrossFit injury could have been prevented by the premises, and whether you think that the premises was negligent in regard to safety.