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Common medical errors in California

When a person seeks medical care in the form of an operation, there are many complications that have the potential to arise, from issues with administering anesthesia, to wrong site surgeries to infection-causing errors. However, it is always the legal duty of the medical practitioners involved to ensure the safety of patients and to stop errors occurring.

If you believe that you or a loved one was not treated with the adequate care when going through an operation, you may think that a doctor or hospital is responsible for the damages that resulted. The following are some of the most common types of medical errors that can result in claims made against the medical practitioner or hospital responsible.

When scarring or disfigurement occurs as a result

Most surgeries result in visible scars that heal over time. However, depending on the type of surgery you underwent, it is likely that you had certain expectations in regard to how the scar would look. If the resulting scar’s appearance is affecting your life months after the surgery, you may want to take action.

Wrong-site surgery

It may be hard to believe, but occasionally surgeries are conducted on the wrong part of the body, for example on the wrong arm or the wrong breast. Patients who have undergone this experience have very good grounds for taking action.

Anesthesia errors

It is possible for a person to wake up during surgery when he or she is not given enough anesthetic, and death can result after being given too much. Unfortunately, anesthesia errors do occur and many people take legal action as a consequence.

If you believe that you suffered medical malpractice in California, it is important to take action in order to seek compensation for a variety of damages.