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Taking action after an injury in a California bar

There are many factors that could cause accidents or injuries on another person’s or company’s premises. Establishing whom is to blame when a person gets hurt can be challenging. This is especially true in places like bars and nightclubs where the influence of alcohol is often added into the mix.

However, owners of bars and nightclubs in the state of California have the legal responsibility to make sure that no person under the influence of alcohol poses a threat to themselves or others on their premises. Therefore, they have the duty to refuse service to a person who is too drunk.

How can I prove that the bar was responsible for my injury?

Lounges and clubs should have adequate security on the premises to intercede when there is violence or other problems, e.g., exceeding the number of patrons allowed in a nightclub.

If you were injured because of the actions of another person who was under the influence of alcohol, or if you were injured because of the condition or the bar or nightclub, e.g., if you tripped on broken glass, you may be able to prove that the business was responsible for any damages.

You can argue that the property owner in question breached their duty to keep you safe, and because of this breach of duty, you suffered damages. It must be shown that if they had not breach their duty in this way, you would not have been injured.

If you have been injured in a California bar or nightclub, it is important that you take action in order to recoup the financial damages.