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What can I do if I'm robbed in a store?

When you are in a grocery store or shopping mall, the law expects that the owners of the premises keep all legal visitors as safe as possible. This means making sure that there are no hazards or dangers that might cause people to slip or injure themselves. It also means making sure that there is adequate security in place to prevent a robbery or an assault from happening on the premises.

Industrial equipment defects can cost lives

As an employer in a factory or construction site, it is likely that you depend on industrial equipment in order for your company to generate profits. This equipment is usually very costly and performs critical tasks for production. Therefore, you would expect that this equipment will perform safely and without issue.

3 safety tips for driving in traffic

Few things are as annoying as LA traffic; it seems like congestion is a never-ending problem in Southern California. Whether you are trying to get to work or return home after a long day, it is inevitable that you will encounter traffic jams on a regular basis. 

Getting justice after a hit and run

When a car accident occurs in California, one would generally expect the person responsible to own up to the incident and show compassion. Car accidents can cost lives. Therefore even if a person caused an accident, they are expected and legally required to stay at the scene and provide care to those injured.

Are trucking companies responsible for truck accidents?

Trucking companies have certain responsibilities when it comes to purchasing trucks, hiring drivers and maintaining vehicles. They must make sure that safety is always a priority, especially because of the extremely serious impact that truck collisions can have.