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What can I do if I’m robbed in a store?

When you are in a grocery store or shopping mall, the law expects that the owners of the premises keep all legal visitors as safe as possible. This means making sure that there are no hazards or dangers that might cause people to slip or injure themselves. It also means making sure that there is adequate security in place to prevent a robbery or an assault from happening on the premises.

If you had your bag or wallet stolen while in a store, you will likely want to turn to the store’s security guards and CCTV equipment for help after the incident. Ideally, there should be enough security in place to prevent such incidences from taking place or to catch the perpetrators in the act. If there was not adequate security and you suffered damages or even injured yourself as a result, you may want to consider taking legal action against the store itself.

Was the premises’ security negligent?

A premises should have adequate security in place to not just protect their own products, but also to prevent their guests from becoming injured. For example, if a person in a grocery store threatens you and demands that you hand over your wallet, you will likely expect a security guard to come to your aid. If there is not one present, you will be in danger and will face financial damages as a consequence of the theft of your wallet.

If you can show that damages would not have occurred if adequate security measures were in place, you may be able to successfully file a legal claim.