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Understanding the dangers of trucking no-zones

It is very common for drivers of vehicles to feel nervous when they have to drive alongside a truck, or when they need to overtake them. Much of this is because they have some knowledge of the fact that trucks have “no-zones”. “No-zones” might have been a term that people vaguely remember from when they were learning to drive, but it is common for drivers to forget the details of the principle as years go by.

If you have been involved in a truck accident and you are concerned whether you will be found to blame, it is important that you understand the principle of “no-zones”. In this way, you will be able to verify if you do believe that you were in a “no-zone” immediately before the accident occurred, and you will be able to defend yourself if you think that you were not.

Learning more about what “no-zones” are

No-zones” refer to the areas at the side and back of a moving truck where the driver of the truck has zero visibility. While it is a given that all cars must pass through this zone at some point in order to overtake, they should avoid lingering in these zones. This is because the truck driver has no way of knowing that the car is there, and a collision could occur.

If you believe that you were not to blame for a truck collision in the state of California, it is important that you stand up for your right to adequate compensation, and that the liable person is held responsible.