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Are e-scooters a public safety hazard in California?

On Behalf of | Nov 20, 2018 | Personal Injury |

Gross negligence. Public nuisance. Aiding and abetting assault. This is some of the fiery language in a recent lawsuit brought against pillars of the e-scooter industry in California. The class-action lawsuit may make history as one of the largest challenges to a possible safety hazard in 50 years.

What does the lawsuit claim?

The action, involving eight plaintiffs so far, alleges that electric scooters constitute a public safety problem because they contribute to injuries for riders, pedestrians and bystanders alike. Some emergency room doctors claim an uptick in injuries from riding, tripping over or being hit by the scooters, which are gaining popularity as a public transit option in some cities.

What is the goal of the lawsuit?

There are two stated claims of the suit. The first is a normal claim for reimbursement for medical expenses and possible compensation for pain and emotional distress. The second is an assault on the industry of electric scooters itself, as an attempt to halt the damage they currently cause in the future.

What is the counterclaim on behalf of e-scooters?

There have been three documented deaths of e-scooter riders, and all were caused by collisions with cars. Some activists claim that the real problem is a culture of aggressive driving, which runs against the concept of sharing the road with a diverse group of travelers.

How can I increase the chances of winning a personal injury lawsuit?

Legal representation is often recommended to civil litigants recovering from an injury. An attorney may also inform a client if a claim might be part of a class-action lawsuit.