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Homeowner insurance premiums increase over California dog bites

There are many ways that a Californian may be hurt by the negligence or reckless actions of another person. In some cases, companies may liable if they created the conditions that injured a person. Insurance rates are often affected when a person or company endangers someone or when a specific type of hazard causes more damage or injury.

California is seeing certain types of homeowner insurance get more expensive over the increased threat of dog bites. Insurers spent more than $600 million on payouts in domestic animal bite settlements and lawsuits in 2017, and homeowners continue to pay for it in higher premiums.

A recent lawsuit in the Golden State involved a dog breed often favored by police departments but with an intensely strong bite. The dog’s owner was unable to control it when it attacked two women, and the incident cost his insurer $2 million in settlements to the victims in twin payments.

Outcomes for insurers, and certainly for potential dog bite victims, would be more fortunate if dogs were better trained and accustomed to their environments. Most dog breeds considered potentially dangerous attack people due to provocation or training. This may also be a lack of training, for which an owner or caretaker may be legally liable.

People attacked by dogs or otherwise injured by someone’s actions or inactions may be entitled to financial compensation from the people at fault and their insurers. An attorney can help counsel victims of personal injuries on the best way forward through the legal system to settlement or a jury verdict in civil court.