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Death in San Jose truck crash may have been due to sleepiness

Transportation is not an easy industry. The nonstop lifestyle of trucking, flying or piloting goods and people can take a toll on the truckers, aviators and ship crews of California and elsewhere. This is why every type of transport, as well as their operators, have strict guidelines when it comes to safety.

Truck accidents are a daily part of life in the Golden State for many reasons. Cars collide with trucks while changing lanes or trying to sneak in a turn on a yellow light. Weather conditions can increase stopping distances and cause truckers to lose control of big rigs. One of the leading causes of solo truck accidents is a lack of awareness of the road due to distraction or sleep.

The passenger in a box truck died after the vehicle flipped onto its side in San Jose while heading northbound on Highway 101. The 67-year-old driver told California Highway Patrol officers that he “dozed off” shortly before the incident, which happened between 3:30 and 4:00 am. The fatally injured passenger was sleeping in the back seat.

The duo had been on the road for several hours, driving from Southern California to the Bay Area. Rain helped mitigate the resultant fuel spill from the crash, which also brought chaos to early morning commutes around San Jose.

Injuries or deaths due to a sleepy or distracted driver may be actionable in civil court by victims or their families. An attorney can help review the facts around a tragic accident and advise the victims on the available legal tools for recovery.