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How vehicle crashes keep happening on the 405 freeway

There are many freeways in California, but the 405, or San Diego Freeway, is as busy as you will find anywhere in the state.

Given the sheer volume of traffic, it should be no surprise that vehicle crashes keep happening on the 405 and that driving on this freeway is not for the faint of heart.

A little recent history

On February 5, 2019, a fatal crash on the southbound 405 combined with a crash on the northbound side closed the freeway in both directions in the area of the Sepulveda Pass. On January 26, in Gardena, a big rig flipped on the southbound 405 near the 110 connector, bottling traffic up for hours. Approximately three months before that, a bus barreled through the center divider on the 405 in North Hills, which caused a multi-vehicle crash resulting in medical evaluations for 40 people.

What happens

Sometimes excessive speed is to blame for freeway crashes. Sometimes the cause is following too closely or switching lanes too quickly. More often than people know, drowsy driving is the culprit. In today’s fast-paced life, fatigue is common, and it is dangerous in a driver. Fatigue impairs judgment, vision and reaction time, and a drowsy driver will not see an accident coming.

A daily event

Motorists who spend considerable time on freeways like the 405 have to be alert and responsive. They have to be good drivers. Unfortunately, no driver can predict what others are going to do. Has the driver in the lane next to you been drinking? Is he talking or texting on his cellphone? Is she exhausted from too little sleep?

Most of the time, people traveling on the 405 encounter nothing more disturbing than a traffic slow-up. On the other hand, crashes on crowded California freeways are daily events. If you are ever the victim of such an accident, you have a right to receive full and fair compensation to cover your medical expenses and more while you rest, recover and contemplate your return to life on the 405.