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Rains are a factor in a fatal Los Angeles County crash

California may not be famous for cold winter weather with snow and ice on the roads. But winter does bring seasonal changes to the Golden State, and many coastal areas experience rain, fog and even hail between October and April.

Although California’s winter weather is not considered an acute danger for drivers, any precipitation can cause slippery road surfaces and both rain and fog reduce visibility. Drivers must take extra care and often slow down, especially on the tight curves of the Pacific Coast Highway and the crowded streets in built-up areas around Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Ventura County is mourning the loss of a volunteer search and rescue technician with the sheriff’s office after he and his team stopped to help at the site of a road accident on Interstate 5 in the Pyramid Lake area. Heavy rains caused hazardous conditions during the team’s trip northbound through Los Angeles County to a training exercise.

Aside from the fatality, two other members of the team were injured when another vehicle struck them after they had stopped. Others were injured in that accident as well as the one before it. The storm caused downpours throughout the area and motorists were warned against areas that may experience rain and snow.

Victims of motor vehicle accidents involving reckless or negligent drivers may feel the need to seek financial damages to help recover from the loss of a loved one or the injuries suffered in a crash. An attorney can help victims and their families weigh their options before filing a lawsuit in civil court.