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Truck driver suspected of DUI in Santa Barbara crash

Truck transportation makes a lot of products and prices possible, especially inland from the busy shipping lanes off the coast of California. But the number of large vehicles, which feature longer stopping distances and less maneuverability, on the roads and highways can contribute to serious accidents, resulting in severe injury or even death.

One factor is road safety that is always negative is driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol (DUI). The loss of good judgment and reaction time that comes with intoxication is never acceptable and often leads to some of the worst accidents which could have been avoided in the simplest ways.

A truck driver was arrested on suspicion of DUI after his rig was involved in an accident on Highway 135 in Santa Barbara County. Six vehicles were involved in the collision, which claimed two lives and caused eight minor injuries among drivers and passengers.

The accident occurred just before dawn and began when the tractor-trailer struck the back of a sedan in front of it heading southbound. The two men in that car were pronounced dead at the scene. The California Highway Patrol is investigating the incident along with the employer of the truck driver.

Individual drivers and their employers may both be legally liable for truck accidents involving irresponsible driving, faulty equipment, poor procedures and other possible causes of a truck accident. An attorney can help victims of truck accidents and their families deal with the repercussions of a tragic accident. No one should attempt to recover from a truck accident on their own.