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Truck hits car before crashing into bar

From truckers in a rush to motorcyclists splitting lanes, there are plenty of hazards on California roads. The risks are also posed to pedestrians and bicyclists, and people without the protection of a vehicle can suffer serious injury or even death in a collision. However, no one expects to be hit by a truck while indoors.

When is someone else responsible for someone's injuries?

If someone feels the need to sue for premises liability, it is usually not because a person or organization did something. It is more often because someone failed to do something that was expected of them by managers, owners, the government or the general public. The legal basis for suing in these cases is negligence.

Parents critically injured in Los Angeles accident

Although a lot of people use mass transit to get around the City of Angels, most of southern California is famous for the importance of cars. So many people use personal motor vehicles to get around Los Angeles that traffic jams are more the norm than clear lanes.

How does personal injury law help Californians?

People get hurt all the time in California. There are plenty of reasons, from some sharp rocks under the surf off Santa Barbara to an uneven sidewalk in Riverside. Bumps and bruises don't get much thought unless a person cannot simply "walk it off." The injuries that require the most attention outside medical care are the ones caused by others.

Weed killer lawsuit claims manufacturer knew of dangers

Commerce in the United States has always relied on a certain trust between manufacturers of goods, the businesses that sell them and the people who use them. If a maker or seller has engaged in fraud or other deception over the quality or use of their products, they may be legally liable for any damage or injury caused by those items.