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Truck hits car before crashing into bar

From truckers in a rush to motorcyclists splitting lanes, there are plenty of hazards on California roads. The risks are also posed to pedestrians and bicyclists, and people without the protection of a vehicle can suffer serious injury or even death in a collision. However, no one expects to be hit by a truck while indoors.

Police say a 19-year-old man crashed his pickup truck into a parked vehicle occupied by two adults and two children before crashing through the wall of a bar in Highland, which is in San Bernardino County. The incident occurred shortly after midnight on March 20.

The occupants of the parked vehicle were evaluated by first responders, but not hospitalized. Approximately 15 to 20 patrons were in the bar, but none of them were near the wall that the truck plowed through. The extent of any injuries suffered by those patrons wasn’t reported.

After crashing into the bar, the pickup truck driver reportedly tried to speed away. However, he was apprehended when he crashed again. He was taken to the hospital complaining of shoulder pain, and was expected to be charged with DUI.

Regardless of whether any criminal charges are filed after a crash, a driver who was negligent due to distraction, intoxication or malicious behavior may be financially liable for the injuries or damage to others.

If a person has been injured in a truck accident, an attorney can help determine if a suit in civil court or other type of claim is warranted. They can be an excellent ally in the quest for financial damages after a collision.