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Suit claims software developer was liable for criminal activities

It is common knowledge that people can be hurt by other people’s actions. Civil courts in California are full of cases brought by victims of injuries on the road, in public places or even on badly maintained sidewalks. Beyond premises liability or personal injury, companies can be held liable for the negative effects of their products.

California is the first state to legislate the safety of internet-connected products, recognizing the risks involved in the use of the world’s information superhighway. A lawsuit alleges that a software company based in San Francisco supported a website that may have provided a marketplace for trafficking of minors.

In the suit brought by 50 women, including nine Californians, it is claimed that the company provided a customized database to the website that was part of a criminal enterprise including prostitution and sexual exploitation. This work began six years ago, just as the top law enforcement officers of 47 U.S. states demanded the site’s termination based on suspect activities.

The text of the lawsuit alleges the motivation of profit was held over a legal and ethical obligation to fight exploitation. This came before federal authorities seized and shut down the site, leading the site’s former chief executive officer to plead guilty to federal charges related to its operation.

People injured or otherwise harmed by defective or fraudulent products have the right to claim reimbursement for related expenses and compensation for emotional distress, as well as other related issues. An attorney can help review the details of a product’s bad effects and advise victims on the best way to sue in civil court.