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What happens when the other driver’s insurance denies my claim?

When you commute to work on Interstate 405, you do your best to drive safely. You wear a seatbelt, avoid speeding and drive defensively. Unfortunately, regardless of how safe you are, other drivers trying to weave through traffic can cause a dangerous collision.

Car crashes can cause severe injuries. When an accident requires you to get medical treatment, you rely on the other driver’s car insurance to pay your bills. But insurance companies may find ways to deny you coverage.

Why do insurers deny claims?

All California drivers must have insurance on their cars. In a crash, the insurer of the driver who caused the accident pays for the coverage. But if that company doesn’t want to pay, they may find ways to deny the claim. These denials can include accusations like:

  • You didn’t report the accident soon enough.
  • You didn’t go to the hospital to get medical treatment right away.
  • You violated a law, like driving intoxicated or not having a valid license.
  • You could have avoided the crash.

How can you avoid a denial?

These denials can be difficult if you suffer from injuries. As your medical bills increase, you must fight an insurance company for benefits that you need.

When you file a claim, you can try to avoid a denial by filing with your own insurance company. Instead of you speaking directly with a third-party claims adjuster, you can let your company fight for you. Since the third-party insurer knows they will have to pay for the accident, they will do anything they can to deny you. But if you let them deal with your insurer, you may have a better chance of approval.

If you still get a denial, you can file a complaint with the California Department of Insurance. You may also want to hire an attorney who can navigate insurance denials.

An insurance denial can leave you on the hook for high medical bills. Taking steps to avoid a denial may help you receive the benefits you need.