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The difference between first and third party accident claims

If you have suffered an injury as the result of being involved in a serious car accident, you will have suffered damages in several ways. The financial damages such as the damage to your vehicle, the medical bills that you will have to pay and the lost wages that you will likely suffer are just the beginning. It is likely that you have also been through a great deal of pain, stress and suffering, and these emotional damages should be classed as damages just like any other.

An alleged drunk Santa Ana man strikes, kills an Irvine mother

A 37-year-old Santa Ana man was arrested on suspicion of driving drunk on May 16 after he crashed into a family as they walked down a sidewalk in Irvine. The Orange County District Attorney's Office later tacked on a murder charge after the mother, who'd been walking alongside her husband and kids, died from the injuries she suffered in the crash.

Understanding traffic safety laws in California

When you are driving through different states, you might find it confusing that there are different safety laws and driving rules from one state to another. It is always best to exercise caution when unsure about what the specific state laws are; however, when you become injured in an accident, for example, it is very important that you understand whether you and the other driver were in fact abiding by the laws of the state.

California motor vehicle accident law

We all know that driving carries with it a multitude of risks, and although we may hear about car crashes all the time, we don't usually think much about it happening to us, until it does. When you have been affected by a car accident in California, you might be confused about the first steps you should take in order to protect yourself.