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Parents critically injured in Los Angeles accident

Although a lot of people use mass transit to get around the City of Angels, most of southern California is famous for the importance of cars. So many people use personal motor vehicles to get around Los Angeles that traffic jams are more the norm than clear lanes.

New California law requires ignition interlock devices

It's a new year in California, and that is bringing some new laws. After another year including stories of people injured or killed on the road, one law is trying to make it harder for some drivers who have shown some lack of responsibility.

1 dead and 7 injured in Redondo Beach car crash

Driving is an integral part of life for millions of Californians. Public transit options exist but the infrastructure is built for people with their own cars and trucks. Although accidents are rare in most parts of the Golden State, a collision can result in serious damage to vehicle, severe injury or even death.

How is suffering quantified in a car accident settlement?

Car accident injuries are almost always accompanied by a great deal of pain and suffering. While it is relatively easy to quantify the damages done to a vehicle, or even to calculate the medical bills associated with an accident, it is nearly impossible to put a dollar amount on the amount a person suffered emotional and physical pain as a result of a car accident.

Getting justice after a hit and run

When a car accident occurs in California, one would generally expect the person responsible to own up to the incident and show compassion. Car accidents can cost lives. Therefore even if a person caused an accident, they are expected and legally required to stay at the scene and provide care to those injured.

Proving reckless driving in California

We all have the responsibility to act with other people's safety in mind, no matter what we are doing. But when we are operating a moving vehicle such as a car or a truck, acting safely becomes even more important. When a crash occurs on the road, there are many reasons why it may have happened. It could have been caused by external, unavoidable circumstances, such as bad weather or a fallen tree. However, very often an accident is found to be the fault of a driver or of multiple drivers involved.

The difference between first and third party accident claims

If you have suffered an injury as the result of being involved in a serious car accident, you will have suffered damages in several ways. The financial damages such as the damage to your vehicle, the medical bills that you will have to pay and the lost wages that you will likely suffer are just the beginning. It is likely that you have also been through a great deal of pain, stress and suffering, and these emotional damages should be classed as damages just like any other.