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Motorcyclist disputes liability in accident with a driverless car

Car accidents are always a concern for anyone who drives or rides on our roadways, but as the new age of self-driving vehicles arrives on the market, the inevitable legal questions around how to assign legal liability in self-driving car accidents are already heading to court. General Motors made impressive moves in 2017 to position itself as the first major auto manufacturers deliver self-driving vehicles to everyday consumers, but their bold foray into the relatively untested area is already creating complicated issues.

Don’t let adrenaline fool you after a car crash

You never know how you will feel during and after a car crash until you are actually in this position. Here's something you need to know: Your body will be full of adrenaline, which makes it difficult for you to understand how you truly feel.

Things to consider after a car accident

One of the most traumatic events you may ever have to deal with in California is a car accident. Whether or not you are a victim or an immediate family member to someone who is, the consequences are often challenging to endure for everyone affected.