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When is someone else responsible for someone's injuries?

If someone feels the need to sue for premises liability, it is usually not because a person or organization did something. It is more often because someone failed to do something that was expected of them by managers, owners, the government or the general public. The legal basis for suing in these cases is negligence.

Premises liability generally stops at the property line

From 'wet floor' signs to road closures, people in California often feel like others are controlling their every move. But warnings and closings are generally there to protect people and fulfill the social duty to prevent others from harm. These obligations under the law, however, have limits.

When are people responsible for other people's injuries?

If someone is looking for news stories about injuries or deaths in California, he or she would notice that nearly all of them include the word "accident." Most injuries happen by accident, and it's easy to feel down on ourselves if we caused our own problems. But there are few problems harder to deal with than the ones visited on us by other people's mistakes.

What should I remember after a slip-and-fall accident?

When the ground gives out from under you, you may feel like you're never going to stand on solid ground. Sometimes, the consequences of an injury are simply something to be borne, but there might be ways of becoming whole if the accident is proven to be someone else's fault.

Common concerns about taking action after a shopping mall injury

Many people that suffer injuries on an individual's or entity's premises don't just suffer physically but financially as well. When people suffer from an injury that could have been prevented by standard safety procedures on the premises, they are likely to be entitled to compensation as a result. However, many injury victims are cautious about taking action for one reason or another.

What can I do if I'm robbed in a store?

When you are in a grocery store or shopping mall, the law expects that the owners of the premises keep all legal visitors as safe as possible. This means making sure that there are no hazards or dangers that might cause people to slip or injure themselves. It also means making sure that there is adequate security in place to prevent a robbery or an assault from happening on the premises.

Taking action after an injury in a California bar

There are many factors that could cause accidents or injuries on another person's or company's premises. Establishing whom is to blame when a person gets hurt can be challenging. This is especially true in places like bars and nightclubs where the influence of alcohol is often added into the mix.

How can homeowners make pools safer?

Pools are often considered an attractive nuisance. While people assume they'll lead to hours of enjoyment in the summer sun, the reality is that nothing causes more injuries or deaths than drowning accidents for kids who are 4 years old and younger. That's directly from the Orange County Fire Authority. In addition, 80 percent of these incidents happen in backyard pools.