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Landlords' liability for swimming pools

In the state of California, many apartment complexes and single-family rental homes have swimming pools. With the mild winter weather of Southern California and the fast- approaching spring and summer months, it's certain that tenants will spend lots of time in and around the pool.

Many government agencies are responsible for issuing recalls

As a consumer, you hope that every product you purchase is completely safe to use in the intended manner. Unfortunately, you know that this is not always the case, which is why you need to be careful no matter what you are buying.

How to protect yourself from dangerous, recalled products

When purchasing any type of product, you assume that it will be completely safe to use in the intended manner. Unfortunately, there are times when defective products slip through the cracks, making their way to consumers. It's important that you know which steps you can take to protect yourself from recalled products.

Consumer-friendly liability laws don't make cases a breeze

Last spring, a story that may herald the future made headlines across the world. A man in Florida died at the wheel of his Tesla car. He wasn't driving, the autopilot function was. There were reports that he was watching a movie on a tablet at the time. Unfortunately, the vehicle, going highway speed, didn't detect a semitrailer-truck ahead and collided with it.