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Suit claims software developer was liable for criminal activities

It is common knowledge that people can be hurt by other people's actions. Civil courts in California are full of cases brought by victims of injuries on the road, in public places or even on badly maintained sidewalks. Beyond premises liability or personal injury, companies can be held liable for the negative effects of their products.

Weed killer lawsuit claims manufacturer knew of dangers

Commerce in the United States has always relied on a certain trust between manufacturers of goods, the businesses that sell them and the people who use them. If a maker or seller has engaged in fraud or other deception over the quality or use of their products, they may be legally liable for any damage or injury caused by those items.

Asbestos lawsuits continue in California

Products available to the American public involve a certain amount of public trust. Companies must provide reasonably safe products that are marketed for safe purposes. When companies fail to provide these products to customers, victims of deception or manufacturing errors may have no option beyond a lawsuit to claim financial damages.

Could a lead paint lawsuit eventually affect climate change?

Product liability lawsuits do more than reward people who claimed damages after they were hurt or sickened by something on the market. They can protect other people from the same fate, and they can stop companies from making dangerous mistakes. One recent case may even help make a statement about climate change.

When car crashes lead to product liability claims

If you have recently been involved in a car accident, it is likely that you have felt pressure to establish fault in order to proceed with the insurance process. In the vast majority of car accident cases, one party or multiple parties are seen to be at fault for the occurrence of the accident.

Industrial equipment defects can cost lives

As an employer in a factory or construction site, it is likely that you depend on industrial equipment in order for your company to generate profits. This equipment is usually very costly and performs critical tasks for production. Therefore, you would expect that this equipment will perform safely and without issue.

Making a claim after a fault in a car's braking system

When purchasing a new vehicle, shoppers consider a number of important factors. These factors will probably include how the car looks. Most shoppers probably have a preference for the color, the interior and the entertainment options inside. In addition to these superficial details, car shoppers will likely also be concerned with the safety of the vehicle, or at the very least they will assume that the vehicle will perform in a safe way.

Your rights as a consumer with a defected vehicle

Sometimes, test driving a vehicle and viewing it in a shiny showroom can make a car seem irresistible. Many people spend a large portion of their hard-earned cash on their car, so when a defect becomes apparent a few months or years after the purchase, it can be both upsetting and concerning, because the defect may present a danger to all people in the car.

How can I prove that my car is a defected product?

When you purchase a car, whether it is new or second-hand, you expect that it will adhere to safety standards, and you are likely to be confident that it will function as it should. However, there are many times when it is found that a car is defective. This means that it has a fault that is directly due to its design or manufacture.

Landlords' liability for swimming pools

In the state of California, many apartment complexes and single-family rental homes have swimming pools. With the mild winter weather of Southern California and the fast- approaching spring and summer months, it's certain that tenants will spend lots of time in and around the pool.