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Truck hits car before crashing into bar

From truckers in a rush to motorcyclists splitting lanes, there are plenty of hazards on California roads. The risks are also posed to pedestrians and bicyclists, and people without the protection of a vehicle can suffer serious injury or even death in a collision. However, no one expects to be hit by a truck while indoors.

Truck driver suspected of DUI in Santa Barbara crash

Truck transportation makes a lot of products and prices possible, especially inland from the busy shipping lanes off the coast of California. But the number of large vehicles, which feature longer stopping distances and less maneuverability, on the roads and highways can contribute to serious accidents, resulting in severe injury or even death.

Death in San Jose truck crash may have been due to sleepiness

Transportation is not an easy industry. The nonstop lifestyle of trucking, flying or piloting goods and people can take a toll on the truckers, aviators and ship crews of California and elsewhere. This is why every type of transport, as well as their operators, have strict guidelines when it comes to safety.

What should you know about California car accident insurance?

If you have been injured in a car accident in the state of California, it is likely that you will want to make an insurance claim in order to recoup damages. Understanding what you are entitled to can be difficult to do. This is why it is important that you understand how accident laws work in the state of California.

Are truckers liable for cargo spilling from their trucks?

You're on the road without a care, and then suddenly a tractor-trailer appears in front of you. Maybe it merged from another road. Maybe it made a sharp turn into your right of way. It may be annoying, but the real fear may be from loose cargo on the trailer now in front of you.

Understanding the dangers of trucking no-zones

It is very common for drivers of vehicles to feel nervous when they have to drive alongside a truck, or when they need to overtake them. Much of this is because they have some knowledge of the fact that trucks have "no-zones". "No-zones" might have been a term that people vaguely remember from when they were learning to drive, but it is common for drivers to forget the details of the principle as years go by.

Are trucking companies responsible for truck accidents?

Trucking companies have certain responsibilities when it comes to purchasing trucks, hiring drivers and maintaining vehicles. They must make sure that safety is always a priority, especially because of the extremely serious impact that truck collisions can have.

The most common reasons why trucks crash

When a motor vehicle crash involves a truck, the chances are that the consequences will be very serious. Truck drivers are not always to blame for the lead up to a truck crash; however, the actions that they take in response to other drivers can be vital in determining whether a collision will occur.

The causes of truck accidents in California

Truck accidents are very common in Irvine, California. The congestion on the roads doesn't reduce the number of accidents. It just seems to make matters worse. Trucks are large, carry heavy loads and travel at high rates of speed in all types of conditions. Today, we will take a look at the causes of truck accidents in California.

How to avoid drowsy driving in California

Drowsy driving is as much of a problem in California as distracted driving is, especially when it comes to truck drivers. Even though truck drivers are required to take breaks every so often, many of them fail to do so because of pressure from their employer to make quicker deliveries or because they simply think they don't need to take a break. Here's how all drivers can avoid drowsy driving in Irvine, California.