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Freeways are a part of life in Orange County. Unfortunately, that means that freeway accidents are a part of life here, too.

When another driver’s negligent or even reckless behavior caused an accident that left you injured, you need an experienced legal team to get you full compensation — fast. This means a lawyer who knows how to negotiate when insurance companies decide to play hardball, and one who won’t hesitate to take a case to trial when that’s what it takes. In Irvine and throughout Orange County, the firm to turn to for aggressive, results-driven legal help is Frank Nicholas A Law Corporation.

Injured in an accident on the 405? Hit by another driver on the 5? Learn how we can help you get compensation during a free consultation. Call 949-751-6463 now.

We Don’t Put The Brakes On Getting You Fair Compensation

You probably associate freeways with one of two things: crawling along at 5 mph, or speeding along at well above the speed limit. The truth is, serious injury-causing accidents can occur anytime.

Accidents are common when drivers fail to brake properly when approaching a backup. Drivers may also try to switch lanes too quickly, or without checking to see if another car is in the lane next to them. When cars are traveling at high speeds, the potential for severe injury is only increased.

Our firm represents people injured in accidents on all major Southern California freeways, including the:

  • 5 Freeway
  • 22 Freeway
  • 405 Freeway
  • 55 Freeway
  • 57 Freeway
  • 73 Freeway
  • 91 Freeway
  • 133 Freeway
  • 241 Freeway
  • 261Freeway

Whether you suffered broken bones, internal trauma or still more serious injuries as a result of your accident, our legal team will fight to see that you are fairly and fully compensated for your short- and long-term medical costs. We will also seek compensation for your other financial losses, including:

  • Vehicle and other property damage
  • Lost pay and reduced earning capacity
  • Pain and suffering

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