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Injured In An Accident?

I’m Here To Stand Up For You And Help Make Things Right

Here in Orange County, we’re used to dealing with aggressive, distracted drivers. The good thing is that most of the time, we’re at least in the relative safety of our own cars.

When you’re a pedestrian, however, it’s a completely different story, and it’s fair to say that all bets are off. All it takes is a driver going too fast, failing to stop at an intersection or checking a cellphone to hit a pedestrian and cause serious and even life-changing injuries.

If you were hit by a negligent driver, I can help make sure you get the compensation you need. I’m attorney Frank Nicholas, and I’ve spent decades taking on negligent parties and their insurance companies on behalf of injured people in Irvine and surrounding Orange County. I know that medical bills are usually just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the financial challenges that my clients face. Whether my clients need compensation for long-term rehab, missed pay, pain and suffering, or all three, I’m tireless in my work to even the score.

Common collisions involving vehicles and pedestrians include:

  • Crosswalk accidents, where a driver running a stop sign or red light or turning a corner too quickly hits a pedestrian who is already in the crosswalk
  • Drivers entering or exiting parking lots without first looking for pedestrians in the driveway
  • Drivers backing out of driveways and hitting children who are on the sidewalk or playing on the street

My firm, Frank Nicholas, A Law Corporation, accepts cases on a contingency fee policy, meaning you will pay attorney’s fees only when I recover compensation for your losses. I invite you to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation with me by emailing the firm or calling 949-477-2277 now.