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Injured In An Accident?

A Personal Injury Attorney Committed To The Irvine Community

I founded Frank Nicholas, A Law Corporation as a firm dedicated to helping individuals obtain compensation when they are injured by others’ negligent actions. I am attorney Frank Nicholas, and I have spent more than 40 years taking on negligent parties and their insurance companies and getting results for clients throughout Orange County. Whether you were injured in an auto accident, hurt by a defective product or involved in any other accident, I am ready to join your side.

Confused by the personal injury claims process? Don’t be. Learn how I can help you in this step-by-step chart.

No Matter What Caused Your Injuries, I Can Find A Way To Help

Learn more about some of the many types of personal injury claims I handle by clicking the appropriate link below. To schedule your free, no-commitment consultation, email my firm now or call my Irvine offices at 949-477-2277.

  • Car wrecks: Whether it was a major fender bender or a T-bone collision at an intersection, I’ll prepare the strongest possible case to get you as much compensation as is possible for your injuries, depending on your case.
  • Motorcycle crashes: Bikers are especially susceptible to serious injuries, especially when large vehicles are involved.
  • Texting/distracted driver accidents: More and more people are falling victim to fellow drivers who are too busy on their cellphones to pay attention to the road. I’m here to make things right.
  • Accidents involving uninsured/underinsured motorists: If the driver who crashed into you was underinsured (or not insured at all), you definitely need an experienced lawyer to make sure you get every penny possible from your own insurance company.
  • Freeway crashes: You can’t help but look at accidents on the side of the freeway – and now you’re the one dealing with the aftermath. I’m on your side.
  • Rear-end and intersection accidents: These split-second collisions can result in long-lasting injuries and financial hardship. I’ll help you get fair compensation for your injuries.
  • Wrecks involving large vehicles: Whether your crash was caused by a distracted delivery driver or a big-rig driver who was driving too fast, I’ll fight for the compensation you deserve.
  • Bicycle crashes: You might have been on the losing end of a collision with a car; I’ll make sure you’re not on the losing end financially.
  • Pedestrian accidents: Getting fair compensation for your injuries shouldn’t be as traumatic as the accident that caused them. That’s why I’m here.
  • Dog bites involving children: Your child may face a long road to recovery following a dog or other animal attack. I’ll fight to make sure your family isn’t left struggling financially.
  • Dog bites involving neighbors and delivery personnel: If you suffered serious injuries at the hands of a property owner’s dog or other pet, count on me to help you get the compensation you need.
  • Defective products: I hold product manufacturers responsible for their mistakes when their goods injure my clients. I can help you, too.
  • Accidents on private property: Don’t think you can hold a property owner liable for their negligence? Think again. I can help you get full compensation for your injuries.