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Injured In An Accident?

Irvine Products Liability Attorney

Did a household good drastically malfunction, causing serious injury to you or a loved one? Did a product not include adequate instructions or warnings about its use, leading you to injure yourself? Are you struggling to deal with the financial aftermath following your accident?

It’s easy to think that accidents involving everyday products are simply the results of our own clumsiness or, perhaps, failure to carefully read operating instructions or product warnings.

Sometimes this is the case. At other times, however, negligence on the part of product manufacturers, distributors and/or sellers plays a direct role in accidents that happen in households across America every single day. What are your options if a defective product has seriously injured yourself or a loved one?

I am attorney Frank Nicholas, and I can determine your options in a free, confidential consultation. With a practice dedicated to helping people injured by others’ careless actions, I can quickly evaluate the strength of your case and, if negligence was involved, pursue compensation from all possible parties. Schedule your consultation at my Orange County firm, Frank Nicholas, A Law Corporation, now by calling 949-477-2277.

My Mission Is Simple: Helping You Make Things Right

The full cost of an accident includes so much more than the immediate medical care you have to receive. Depending on the extent of your injuries, you may require long-term rehabilitation and/or expensive medications. If your injuries prevent you from working, you may miss out on weeks or even months of critical paychecks. You may have even more significant losses if you can’t resume your pre-accident work and have to take a different, lower-paying job down the road.

The point is that accident-related losses can truly add up, and your lawyer should fight to take the financial burden off you and put it where it belongs: on the negligent parties. For over four decades, I have worked to do just that, and I am here to help you get the compensation you need, as quickly as possible.

Never simply assume you don’t have a case. Successful products liability cases can arise at many points during the design, manufacturing, marketing and sale of even the most common household goods. Schedule your free consultation now by calling 949-477-2277.