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Client Testimonials

Hilary L.

“My husband and I met Frank Nicholas sometime in April 2017 after seeing three other lawyers who turned us down. The case that we presented to Frank was a unique case, a medical malpractice case that required a lot of time and research. A case that would ultimately test a person’s credibility, ethics, morals, time, and patience. Having been told this by previous lawyers, medical malpractice cases are not always clear-cut and straight to the point. In other words, medical malpractice cases are not easy cases to try in court because of the value and risks it holds. Because of our delicate situation, Mr. Nicholas handled our case with the utmost care.

Despite having been turned down three times by other lawyers, Frank still took us in as clients. Mr. Nicholas believed in our case but most importantly, he believed in us, his clients. Mr. Nicholas believed that what my husband and I endured was not justified and felt compelled like us (my husband and I) to seek justice. After long grueling hours of hard work and dedication, Mr. Nicholas was able to settle our case!!!

Although we had to met Frank under these circumstances, my husband and I wouldn’t have changed anything about the experience we shared with Frank. We are astounded by how well Mr. Nicholas took care of us. There were times where my husband and I felt overwhelmed and hopeless, but Frank was there every step of the way to make sure the process wasn’t too much for us handle. Mr. Nicholas is a fantastic lawyer and a great person overall. It would be a mistake to pass him up as your potential lawyer. Bottom line, Frank really fights for his clients and doesn’t treat them indifferent, he treats his clients with charisma, respect, and loyalty; Mr. Nicholas treats his clients like family. Frank Nicholas has not only gained his forever clients, but has gained lifelong friends.”

John P.

“I can’t say enough about Frank and his staff, amazing! A year and a half ago my family was involved in a horrible car accident that resulted in the death of my ex wife and significant injuries to my children. It was a very complex case involving medical insurance companies, auto insurance companies, coordination with other out of state attorneys, etc. Two other firms I initially contacted in Orange County wouldn’t touch it, but then I found Frank online and from that first call he took the ball and ran with it. In the year and a half that Frank and his team worked on my case, I was able to focus on my children’s physical therapy and grief counseling, as well as move them into my home and transfer them successfully into a new High School. All the while Frank and his staff kept me informed on the status of the case, asked my input, provided guidance on course of action, etc. Frank is very quick to respond to emails and I was never in the dark about how the case was progressing. He also explains things very clearly, in simple terms, and gets right to the point. Again, I can’t say enough. At this point I consider Frank a friend as he really was instrumental in helping me find my way through all of this and miraculously put my family back together. Thank you Frank!”

Kylie C.

“A family friend of mine recommended Frank to my family and I after I had been in a major car accident involving a drunk driver. I was 17 years old at the time, and very busy with school and work. I love Frank because he made the process as stress free as possible, and was able to work with my tight schedule. Throughout my case he communicated with me to specify any updates, and he had a very thorough plan. At the consultation he explained everything in a way that was easy to understand, and I knew from that moment that he would do everything he could to help my family and I. I would definitely recommend him to anyone that has been in a car accident.”

Gem M.

“I came across Frank after being referred to him by a friend. I was involved in a motorcycle accident about a year ago and was at my wits end when my insurance company offered little to no help in resolving my case. The attorney I was working with at the time did NOT give my case priority and seemed to back down from the insurance company after going back and forth.

Reluctantly, I set about finding a different lawyer who would work with me in resolving my case to my satisfaction. After the first meeting, I gave all the information I had given the last attorney, and to my surprise, Frank and his team went right to work in making my case a priority and told me that they would handle everything from start to finish. True to their word, Frank and his team accomplished in a couple months time what my last lawyer barely achieved in six! I was kept informed of any new findings and was pleased to say that I received a settlement check for the damages to my motorcycle.

I appreciate Frank’s honest opinion and I am relieved that this case can be put to rest. His advice and communication really put my mind at ease while his team did their work. If you’re ever in need of legal assistance or advice, PLEASE contact Frank and his team! ”

Toraj B.

My name is Toraj B. We (my wife and I) had an auto accident in near Reno, state of Nevada, while we are living in California. The accident cased a shoulder injury for me which I had tohave a surgery for the repair. We decided the law office of Frank Nicholas to represent us to the defendant Insurance for this case. It was a challenge to this insurance company, but we had a confidence with the experience of this law firm that we will have an upper hand. With the hard work of our lawyer Mr. Nicholas finally the insurance company decided to settle the case out of the court. Here our note is to an appreciation to Mr. Nicholas and his law firm with a 5 stars. Thank you Mr. Nicholas.

Daniel V.

“Frank took over a case that was completely botched and mishandled by a previous attorney. Frank was able to take over, get up to speed and fix all the mistakes the previous attorney made, both quickly and efficiently.

He was upfront with everything, he doesn’t mince words. You always know where he stands and what he is doing currently for your case. He really did help out immensely and this was a small case for a new client, yet I never felt like my case was getting second class service. Great guy and attorney.”

Angela G.

“I can’t say enough about how much I appreciate Frank Nicholas. Let’s start from the beginning, I was in a not at fault car accident in early 2017. My car was completely totaled and I sustained injuries as a result of the accident. I knew I had to obtain counsel. We asked around to friends and family to see if they knew of anyone they would recommend. Luckily my Husband’s co-worker referred us to Frank because he had previously had a great experience with him. From our first meeting, I knew Frank was on my side and would fight for me the way that I needed to be fought for. Frank always extremely approachable, always available, knowledgeable and never gave up even when it wasn’t necessarily in his best interest to move forward with the case. I appreciate all that Frank did for me, he never gave up and fought for me until we were able to obtain a settlement. Bottom line, I highly recommend Frank. He truly cares about his clients and does what it takes to get you what you rightly deserve. His communication skills are great and he always shoots it to you straight which I very much appreciated. Thank you Frank and to all of your staff for all you have done for me. I appreciate it more than I could ever express.”

Daniel E.

“It is always a super huge pain in the rear when dealing with an unfortunate accident. I wasnt sure what to do or how to go about doing anything. As soon as I was involved in a mulitcar crash, I alerted my mother, as she was a receptionist in a law firm for years and she started the hunt. She came across Frank and his office and i am sure glad she did. Frank and Cyndi are extremely accommodating and very understanding. They made my experience that was recorded by the police dept as “at fault” which was totally wrong, being i was rear ended, and turned it into a positive outcome, bringing me a settlement that was putting monies in my pocket and having my car taken car of. That to me is a job well done and relief to say the least. Frank is a professional in every sense of the word, well educated, friendly and same goes for his staff.”

Dylan A.

“Mr. Frank Nicholas helped me and my mother out after she was hit by a drunk driver and we were very pleased with the results! As this was our first time having to hire a lawyer we didn’t know what to expect but Frank was very kind and made the process very clear and easy to understand. Not only was he very helpful but the office staff is just as outstanding when it comes to service. Whenever I had a question they were easy to contact and ready to explain things to me to make sure I clearly understood. I would highly recommend Mr. Frank Nicholas to anyone! Especially if you or a loved one has been injured and you’ve never had an experience with lawyers before. Frank Nicholas and staff cares and gets you results!”

A MayChelle Hughes

“Frank Nicholas did a great job securing fair compensation for my brother’s family when he was killed in an auto accident. It was particularly impressive given the fact that my brother’s family was spread around the world in places such as Kenya and Australia and Frank had to coordinate the documentation among them all.”

The Nguyen Family

“Frank — We wanted to send a quick note to let you know how much our family appreciated the help you provided us in guiding our case to a successful outcome. When we first approached you about the case, we were drawn by your genuine concern about our mother/grandmother and her health/well-being and not about us as potential clients. For that and all of yours and Cyndi’s help throughout this entire process, we are forever grateful. Thanks again!”

Gemma M.

“Many thanks to Frank Nicholas for his outstanding representation in defending me. His attention to detail and level of service was second to none. Hopefully I won’t have the need for a lawyer in the future, but if I do, I will certainly be calling Frank Nicholas, A Law Corporation. Thank you!!!”

Jeremy Katz

“My personal injury case wasn’t going too well, so I hired Frank Nicholas. I’d heard he was an excellent personal injury attorney. Frank and his team got straight on it, and the outcome was better than I was expecting.”

Ray Aguilar

“I appreciate Frank Nicholas‘s solid and mediative recommendations during my personal injury and legal difficulties. I was very confused and frightened. He was very solicitous and considerate of my personal injury concerns. He made every attempt to put my best interests at the forefront. Thank you Frank!”


“Frank Nicholas A Law Corporation assisted my every need for my case. I sought his services after I had a car accident that was not my fault and I’m very grateful that they were there to help. I would recommend them to anyone else who has been injured and needs a lawyer. Thank You very much.”

Mike Lewis

“I was involved in a pretty serious accident involving an uninsured driver and thankfully for Frank my situation had a better outcome than I could have hoped for. I can’t thank him or his amazing staff enough for all the amazing help and careful guidance they provided me through the situation. Couldn’t recommend a better lawyer to help in a time of need.”

A Google User

“Frank was my attorney for my motorcycle accident that I was in on October 8, 2011. He came to me as a referral from a friend who he also had represented. This was the best decision to have him and his staff represent me. I never had to worry about anything during the whole process. All I had to worry about was getting better. They supplied me with all the paperwork and handled all the tough calls that I just wasn’t prepared to handle. Everything was done with a great deal of respect and professionalism. I called them today just to check in and say hi. I highly recommend this wonderful man and his staff to handle your legal needs. They are the best!”

Ed L.

“My sister, brother and I were all living in foreign countries when our father was the victim of a deadly auto accident. Frank Nicholas managed, through three time zones around the world, to get legal forms to each us and keep us in the know of all legal progress. He was always available to answer our questions in easy to understand language. I felt that Frank and his team were caring and considerate of our recent loss yet aggressive enough to handle the tough legal situation at hand. If the need ever arose again, I wouldn’t hesitate a moment to call Frank Nicholas.”